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When god laughs 216-223 © Ravinder Singh

Posted by egovindia on August 4, 2006

While the country prays for safe rescue of 5 years old fell in to an uncapped government bore well, there is complete confusion. Activity at site is very sluggish. Apparently even the army is not trained for the job when actually Fire Service aught to have undertaken the rescue operation.  People are even calling for NSG to take on the responsibility.


When god laughs 216-223 © Ravinder Singh


216.      God laughs when hero in Mahatma Gandhi’s state Gujarat is Hitler.


217.          God laughs when a 5 years old child “Prince” fell in to a 16 inches diameter uncapped government bore well which is just about the standard diameter of manholes (18 inches) for entry of adult water and sewage workers to go in but fire service fail to rescue it and Army is called in to dig a large well parallel to it to dig a tunnel to take the child out.


218.          God laughs when a large 20T Army crane is called in to service to take out Prince.


219.            God laughs when a team of district health service officials are camping next to the well when actually the child is healthy and not even complaining of any pain whereas daily patients wait in queues for hours to get treatment. A doctor from Delhi has also arrived than a team of trained Delhi Fire Service team.


220.            God laughs when a senior doctor volunteers to go in to the rescue well to examine the child before it could be decided to out the child or to give him first aid in the pit itself.


221.            God laughs when no politician was interested in “Prince” the boy that fell in to the bore well but the moment TV crews arrived and started live broadcast Chief Minister, Member of Parliament and even Prime Minister


222.            God laughs when under world operates illegal stock exchanges that do more daily business than legal exchanges but government turns a blind eye to huge economic loss to the state.


223.            God laughs when just 20 mm of rainfall in Delhi, not large enough to drown a cherry but Delhi was flooded at so many places due to choked drains and TV channels dubbed it as “Delhi Drowned In Handful of Water” but Chief Minister of Delhi for 8 years is unperturbed by this failure of her government.


Ravinder Singh, Inventor / Engineer.,


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When god laughs 224- 231 © Ravinder Singh

Posted by egovindia on August 4, 2006

When god laughs 224- 231 © Ravinder Singh


224.  God laughs when children of India’s premier industrial state that let Ambani’s acquire 25,000 acres or 10,000 hectares of prime land worth at around Rs.500 per to sell it @ Rs.50,000/ when its children play with jungle rats.


225.   God laughs when in the heart of New Delhi, people fed up with stray cattle, joined together and herded over 200 stray cattle in to the community center of their area.


226.   God laughs when Prime Minister speaks and secretaries in government fall asleep in 10 minutes at 10 AM.


227.   God laughs when three youngsters entered to two high security zones in a black car around Prime Mister house and the security guards waited for orders of either their CO to stop the car or for the gun fire or bomb explosion before re-acting. When questioned told investigating officers “The youngster told them that they are relations of the PM so we let them in.”


228.   God laughs when Defense Minister of India found a mole in the Ministry but didn’t inform any one and disclosed it after about 10 years in his book, on being asked to name it forgets his name.


229.   God laughs when a quarter of a political party’s Members of Parliament in Madhya Pradesh, elected on slogan of “Clean Governance”, were found to have booked tickets to travel in up to 14 different trains in different directions in a single day.


230.   God laughs when Gujarat getting heavy rains and flooding every year couldn’t rescue over hundred trapped in school and on fourth day police had to carry them out on their shoulders.


231.   God laughs when Gujarat gets heavy rains, cyclones, inflows from interstate rivers and streams, claims to be suffering from draughts soon after rains are over, invest heavily on rain water harvesting even as is flooded regularly and on claiming and using most of all interstate rivers.


Ravinder Singh, Inventor / Engineer.,

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