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Tracking Terrorists, Gangsters and Scamsters

Posted by egovindia on August 4, 2006

Tracking Terrorists, Gangsters and Scamsters

Dear Friends,

All criminal activities in India have mushroomed entirely due to the gross incompetence and patronization of/by our political leadership.

Terrorism is just a millionth or perhaps a billionth fraction of criminal activities going on in India patronized by our politicians and government. Money lending, extortion, protection, smuggling, bootlegging, contract killings, prostitution, betting, corruption, contract syndicates, employment rackets, benami businesses, adulteration of food, and petroleum such kinds of criminal syndicates employ more people than by corporate India.


(Link to Al Capone story in this message)


Around 1960, myself and my brother were 5/3 years old and my uncle had a 200 acre farm near Nepal border. My father was in government service so couldn’t get long leave. Always my mother used to take us along. There used to be night train that arrived in “Bareily” about 250 km from Delhi at 5AM.

Invariably we used to miss the connecting meter gauge train. Rickshaw pullers will offer to rush us to next station which was about 4 km away. In dark foggy cold mornings, we never felt insecurity and there were no policemen around.

Even in remote farm 5 km off main rail line, the threat was from Cobras and poisonous snakes than any humans. My uncle had double barrel licensed gun issued for hunting purpose- not for security. He used to visit Kheri district headquarters (The area where Shambhunath IMM was murdered) for some tractor part etc. leaving his wife and young children returning around midnight.

Land ceiling was introduced in 1960s, land holdings were reduced and family migrated to Canada.


Initially better roads introduced “Smuggling” to the area and reduced duties have made smuggling less attractive. The criminals spawned in the region, acquired weapons and started extortion and contract killings to now terrorism. Criminals acquired legitimacy by joining political parties.


The business of Capone was extortion; loansharking, exacting tribute from pimps and bookmakers, and offering “protection” to local businesses.


This Al Capone story is very interesting. People in USA had IDs even 1920s. US law enforcement machinery, though few in numbers, was extremely dedicated and professional. They took unimaginable risks and were supported by very capable and efficient judiciary.

“At any time, at any place, has this defendant ever appeared in a reputable business? Has there appeared a single instance of contact with a reputable business? What a picture we have in this case: no income, but diamond belt buckles, twenty-seven- dollar shirts, furnishings for his home — $116,000 that is not deductible from his income. And yet counsel comes here and argues to you that the man has no income!”

Since it was difficult to find eye witness and criminals were smart in hiring hit men from outside, it impossible to convict them. US law enforcement in under cover operations in-filtered police agents in to his network and collected most of the evidence to assemble an airtight case of tax evasion.

Political Meddling In India

Police officers here are neither properly trained nor motivated. They indulge in Hafta Collection and such side business but the few dedicated and capable are not allowed to work and are invariable transferred when doing good jobs.

Even good judges are changed midway to delay and de-rail trial.

When Ambanis were caught in the act of “Re-routing” international calls as locals by installing 30 clandestine exchanges, even our Supreme Court was corrupted in not ordering arrests of Ambanis for Cheating and frauds and not directing Attorney General to spearhead the prosecution.

The Press, after Rahul Mahajan was found to have taken drugs behaved as if India lost some emerging leader or Roosevelt or Churchill in the making and a great loss to BJP and India. Atal Behari Vajpayee “Kids these days make such mistakes—.“ He is 31 years not a kid.

As in Al Capone family qualification and good moral conduct is of no value and consideration in Indian politics qualification, caliber and wisdom are no consideration.

Rahul Mahajan was considered to be politically skilled in doing politics and perceived to have considerable experience under his father.

For three years I had disclosed that BSES under declared 320 crore units of electricity per year in Mumbai, there is no case registered and the Crook RV Shahi, a dullard continues to lead Power Ministry as its secretary.


There is no political will in going after the criminals of all sizes. Most of the time politicians are found in the company of Telgi, Executive and Judiciary are routinely corrupted or rendered ineffective as in demolition case.

So it is not just a case of “Mumbai Blast” but every day loot and criminal activity worth thousands of crores.

The day we have capable and responsible leaders and there is a will to wipe out criminal activity all criminal activities shall cease to a large extent.

Ravinder Singh


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RE: [InterIIT] Did Prime Ministers Know Anything of Terrorists or Economy?

One interesting thing is:

A movie director in Fanaha, could think that the face of terrorist would be just like common man, and which is very difficult to recognize. He would look like a common educated man, who will be tech savoy and smart so that no one could recognize him.

Here in India, still our police work out that the terrorist were wearing Afghan Suits, with beards, looked like Muslim terrorist, have packets wrapped in gift packing which contained bombs.

Further Police caught hold of few people who started telling immediately that they have planted the bombs and were involved in this.

Even a common man can think that both Police and Media are making fool of them, even if Police is able to catch a real terrorist, they would not be able to get even a single word out from him.

But we live in fool’s paradise.


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