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Discard, Dubious Politicians and Religious Leaders

Posted by egovindia on August 4, 2006

Discard, Dubious Politicians and Religious Leaders


Our mediocre politicians under religious cover are spreading hate among people on religious, caste and economic lines as means to progress politically and economically.


As technology expert, I can say that there wouldn’t have been any poverty, hunger and war had we been led by “Capable People”. World GDP would have been at least twice than present.


Poorer countries like India would have 3-4 times GDP than present. Earlier we were not connected even at block level but are now globally connected and it was not possible to know the inside dealings of our dubious leaders.


Every dubious politician and crooked is fully exposed. Sam Pitroda took bogus patents to impress politicians in India and to show to foreign business he has links right up to the PM level.


All misdeeds of Ambanis are fully exposed.


Our real enemies are hate, corruption, exploitation, poverty, hunger and unhappiness.


They day we assert our collective influence; we can have “Capable, Efficient, Innovative and Corruption Free” governance we shall eradicate our above problems.


World is globally connected now, we could export our commodities, culture and religion worldwide and we may respect people of all religions, nations, cultures and economic status as equals and create corruption free, hate free and exploitation free societies and communities.


Ravinder Singh


My message to Sikhs follows;


Khalistan 148 Million Square Kilometer


I am writing this message on Sikh Affairs for people think I have no understanding of the Sikh, obviously my specialization is in Technology & Development matters.


My idea of Khalistan is 148 Million Square Kilometer wide where all Sikhs may live in peace, complete harmony and enjoy freedom and prosperity wherever they live.


Our Gurus preached and we recite every day “Sarvat Da Bhala”- Global peace and prosperity. But some of our friends want to enrich Badal or Amrinder only.


Why I hate Mediocre?


You may run through history, any good leader or king or head of government will bring immense prosperity and development to its people in less than a generation and reverse is absolutely devastating, Hitler destroyed Germany that was the most advanced in the world earlier.


The people who oppose me have very narrow agenda and do so due to their inferiority complex.


Nirankaris/ Afghana/ Fake Sikhs


I participated in a Gurmat Studies camp some years ahead of Nirankari conflict. I was shocked that Sindhi Sikhs who recited Gurbani / Shabad Kirtan were excellent Sikhs. Somehow they were not part of mainstream Sikhism on trivial grounds of not keeping long hairs. 


Politics in Sikh Religious affairs by mediocre have harmed Sikhs religiously, politically and economically. 


Fake Religions came up because our dubious religious leaders out of politics started “Divide and Rule Policies” and started discriminating Sikh followers.


Sikh Religion is so wonderful, essence of past generations of Indian civilization that people started “Duplicate Versions.”


I have not seen a single message about “Janeu,” scared thread supposed to be worn by Hindus but “Five Ks” are essential to be considered a Sikh and vote. Even 90%K is not enough. How a Sikh not wearing full length hair becomes inferior to other Sikhs?


“The sacrificial string of a Brahmana shall be made of cotton, (shall be) twisted to the right and consist of three threads; that of a Kshatriya of hempen threads; and that of a Vaisya of woollen threads. II.44”


Predominant religion in India is so liberal it doesn’t insist on “Janeu” prescribed in religious texts but none insists on its compliance. None has been has been considered an inferior Hindu for not wearing the thread.


Any one who respects our Guru Granth Sahib ji is a deemed Sikh to me. An objective study will show that followers of Guru Granth Sahib who were not fully admitted to mainstream Sikhism started their on “Duplicate or Fake Sikh Religion.”


Obviously this suits the politicians.


Our Gurus never made any distinction between people from different religions and castes. Sikhs like most religions are divided on religious lines.


Tara Singh 1, Tara Singh 2, Tara Singh 3 and Tara Singh 4;


Badal, Amrinder and Manmohan are worse than Tara Singh. Sikhs outside India in free environment (though not entirely free from discrimination) have out performed 99% majority but Sikhs in India are constantly lagging behind.


Sikhs Politics/ The Akal Takht Sahib


Holiest Sikh shrine Harmandir Sahib and Akal Takht in it have been misused for political purpose. Akal Takht is meant to deliberate “Sikh Affairs and Religious Issues” not political issues. The institution is being abused for political purpose.


The Akal Takht as “Supreme Court Of Sikh Affairs”/ Institution to Keep Sikhs United.


Some of our leaders and preachers wrongly claim political role for Akal Takht. It is sacrilege to hold and contest elections on political lines for SGPC.


I am in fact favor of Superior Role For The Akal Takh Sahib, where people like me can go and Complain About Amrinder/ Badal Incompetently Contesting Claims For Indus Waters and Free Land Allotments To Mukesh Ambani and “Declaring People Like Amrinder and Badal as Corrupt and Incompetent, Unfit To Represent Sikhs”.


Credibility of Head Priests/ Vatican like Promotions System


Holi Guru Granth Sahib ji is Supreme in Sikh religion and so are Panj Piaras but we also have institution of head priests but dubious people like bibi Jagir Kaur as President of SGPC are in control of Sikh Religious Affairs.


I am concerned that we have crooks as CM, mediocre as PM where voting was beyond the control of Sikhs determines their elevated position or Sonia Factor but even in 100% Sikh Affairs and that too of 100%K grade, we find dubious people representing Sikhs.


Innovative Punishment


Instead of expelling a dubious Sikh from the community, it shall be more effective if we label them “Disgraced Sikhs” on account of Corruption, Incompetence or Compromising Sikh Interests.” Thus make them ineligible to represent Sikhs.


We Should Project Sikhism As Liberal Yet Superior & Advanced Religion In The World That Has No Conflict With Other Religions, Promotes Equality, Recognizes & Promotes Merit, Work For Global Peace & Prosperity And Struggle Against Evil Forces & Exploiters.


Ravinder Sekhon

August01, 2006


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