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Mother Teresa – Nobel Piece Prize Winner

Posted by egovindia on August 6, 2006

Mother Teresa – Nobel Piece Prize Winner



I was shocked to read a message about hidden treasures of the Mother Teresa and all kinds of irresponsible comments.


While there were millions of message explaining her life long contributions to the poor and suffering people, a couple of rabid sites were also there. I can’t imagine people could be so mean.


Some dubious comment was that he didn’t find many food packets distributed by her charity and donations in millions of dollars was locked up somewhere.


But in the above link you will find Missionaries Of Charity is a global network.


Dubious people didn’t know that she was managing hundreds of Orphanages, hospitals, schools, and leprosy homes and caring for terminally and dieing and Churches.


A packet of dal roti cost not even Rs. 5/- once a week but to care for infant children, sick and dieing cost in hundreds every day.


Brother of my cousin was working in Switzerland. His employer had no children. He asked him to find out the procedure to adopt a child. My cousin came and wanted to go to orphanages in Delhi. We picked up the yellow pages and we found out of 6, two were Missionaries Of Charity managed orphanages. But they all follow strict adoption procedures.


Manager of a non Christian orphanage was caught in the act of buying poor children for sale, by passing the rules.


I developed chest problem in Punjab and went to a hospital it was owned by Missionaries Of Charity and there were few schools also run by it.


Mother Teresa created a network of service to poor and suffering not just India but many parts of the world.


No one has asked for accounts of donations collected at temples. Jagmohan took the administration of a shrine in Jammu on finding crores going unaccounted.


There was no orphanage or leprosy home or hospital run with the donations to the temple.



Before Mother Teresa died she handed over the charge to Nirmala, a Hindu, for she found the Nirmala be the most selfless and devoted nurse in her entire organization.


Mother Teresa was sent by god to serve poor and dieing in India.


Ravinder Singh


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