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Dr. Y.C. Zala’s Response

Posted by egovindia on August 5, 2006

Dr. Y.C. Zala’s Response


Dear Dr. Y.C. Zala,

I thought it GOI response. But in case I go all out in my responses and commitment to cause I fight for. There are no compromises.


I am definitely disappointed at your non serious approach. Farmers are crushed through land ceiling, moneylender exploitation, spurious inputs, infecting the food grains, suppressing farm prices, exorbitant middlemen margins.


Is it not shocking that our per capita food intake has sharply declined in last 6 years and food production has stagnated?


Around 1962, farmers of neighboring UP and Haryana use to come to Delhi and bring their fresh wheat harvest on Camel/ Horse Carts. Since the Desi wheat was priced less than half or the prevailing prices, he purchased two bags of wheat and put it loft.


After a month or so when he opened the loft to take wheat out for grinding, it was full of red grain boring insects. Sparkling wheat was rendered unfit for human consumption in just a month.


Co-operatives need government funding and support what you can do when the government is corrupt and not interested.


I am again posting my last message as forwarded to honorable President in next message.


Please forward your comment on it to all of us.


Ravinder Singh


“Dr.Y. C.Zala” <> —

Dear Ravinder Singh,


Kindly go through what I have written and after that give your comments. I’m a farmer too. I carried out many studies on marketing of agricultural goods. I published many articles on Agricultural Marketing.

             I cleared wrote that price spread (difference between price paid by the consumer and price received by the producers) are very high in agricultural marketing as you said in your write up too. One of the reasons is larger margin of middlemen i.e. more than they provide services.

Again I have given the solution of this problem too i.e. Farmers should sell their produce directly to consumers. The other important point is that farmers should sell his produce after adopting value addition technology to get more money in their wallet. We know that farmers can’t invest very big amount for establishment of processing industries. That’s why I suggested that by establishing cooperative structure like Amul pattern, help farmers to compete even MNCs too. The farmers of Gujarat sell their milk products as well as mango products in even foreign markets by cooperatives.  

            I’m not a government agent or politician but I am a scientist and always work for the farmers benefit.

            I appreciate your spirit and feeling for farmers and it is better we go positively in the path of development of our country.


Agricultural Economist   


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