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Politics of Humiliating Top Defense Officers

Posted by egovindia on August 4, 2006



Honorable President of India

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Rashtrapati Bhawan, ND 110004


Politics of Humiliating Top Defense Officers


Respected Sir,


As supreme commander of Indian Armed Forces, you may please intervene to Politicization of defense forces.


Earlier George Fernandez humiliated Navy Chief and Manjit S. Sekhon, Air Vice Maeshall.


Here in this link and you can see that the food grains for public distribution is lying in open even after “Three Months of Harvesting”.


At least 10% our precious food grains or something, like 20 MT every year is lost to pests and insects and rotting.


When 50% our Indian poor are starving and hungry, this is criminal waste and GOI, people like MS Swaminathan the Quack PhD is directly responsible.


How can Indian General procure good quality food grains when they are firstly infected by throwing on infected floors and markets, stored in re-used infected bags and stored in open from all sides?


Ravinder Singh

July19, 2006,


Wheat left to rot in the open for want of cover
Varinder Singh
Tribune News Service

Jalandhar, July 14

Several lakhs of bags of wheat stacked in the open in various godowns of the Punjab Warehouse Corporation in the state have been left to rot and exposed to the vagaries of nature—thanks to the alleged use of ‘unserviceable” polythene covers and the ‘delay’ by the corporation authorities in purchasing new polythene covers.


Roughly, about 60,000 metric tonnes of the 1.21 lakh MTs of wheat with the corporation have allegedly been stacked in the open.


Since the corporation had neither purchased new polythene covers for the past three years nor it was equipped with the requisite number of old covers, an estimated one fourth of the total quantity of wheat stock was exposed to the vagaries of nature. Advanced fumigation had also allegedly been affected by the shortage of polythene covers.


Though, the scientific life span of polythene covers is said to be a maximum of two years, but, according to the Punjab State Warehousing Field Employees Union, the corporation had purchased no new polythene covers since 2004 despite an “acute shortage” of covers.


“The top authorities of the corporation have floated tenders for the purchase of 3,880 polythene covers on July 9. But this will not serve the purpose as it means that the covers will practically land in godowns in August, whereas the Warehouse Corporation storage guidelines specify that covers should be ready with the organisation by April 30 or before the onset of the arrival of wheat. Not only this, the guidelines of the Food Corporation of India (FCI) stipulate that the prophylactic or preventive fumigation of stocks should be completed by June 30, but in this case it could also not be done for want of serviceable polythene covers.


Hence, the lack of proper fumigation could lead to damage to wheat. Is this not a huge national wastage?” questioned Mr Akshar Kumar, president of the Punjab State Warehouse Corporation Field Employees Union.


The food grain storage agency, it was learnt, was in need of 7,260 polythene covers on June 30 this year. But since it had about 2,700 old and expired covers, the effective requirement was 4,560 fresh covers.


The authorities allegedly did not purchase these in time. A tender was, however, floated on July 9 by the agency inviting bids for the supply of 3,880 covers.

The shortage was affecting more in districts like Patiala, Jalandhar and Kapurthala where a sizeable part of wheat stocks lying in the open were either being stocked without any covers or were provided “old, torn and expired covers”.


“We had taken up the matter with the Managing Director of the corporation and he had promised to raise the demand for new covers in the board meeting. But nothing has been done so far,” said Mr Akshar Kumar and other office-bearers of the union.


On the other hand, Mr Ashok Kumar Goyal, MD, preferred not to divulge any specific information and said,” I don’t know anything. You are talking in the air. Purchase is always need based. I don’t know whether any stocks were lying in the open or not. You are wrongly informed”.


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