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World’s Most Maddening Obsession Of Gujarat – Dams

Posted by egovindia on August 6, 2006

World’s Most Maddening Obsession Of Gujarat – Dams



It will shock readers all over the world that while Gujarat is obsessively after big dams and canals, it’s food production is not at par with 1980 level even though its population has more than doubled since. For members who don’t get the attachment with highlights following links shall get you there.


On page 15 of the document and 5 of the file the area brought under SSP project is 0.25 lakh hectare (1.4%) but project area for SSP is 17.82 lakh hectares.???


Food production as per Socio Economic Review has declined from even 1980 level. Thousands of crores are being spent every year all going in to drain.


Gujarat is reported to have 94.4 lakh hectares of net sown area exactly twice of Punjab but food-grains production is 3.6 MT compared to over 25 MT for Punjab. ???


Page 3/14 chart of the food production in Gujarat. 

Crop Wise Food Production In 1980 / 2003-04 Are:-


Total Cereal—4438 / 3234 thousand tons. ???

Foodgrains—-4958 / 3621 thousand tons.  ???

Oilseeds——-2005 / 1685 thousand tons.  ???

Cotton———-1738 / 1685 bales of 170 kgs.  ???


Milk production in Gujarat is 6 MT compared 9 MT in Punjab but good percentage of milk in Gujarat is exported or processed.


Another madness is about rainwater harvesting and check dams.


In the above document page 14/24 you will discover that each direct recharge well structure stores 300 cubic meter of water is correct but is stated to irrigate 8 acres of land when actually water is not even sufficient for washing and bathing needs of family in Delhi.


Similarly Check Dams are expected to store 5000 cubic meter of water but is sufficient to irrigate only 1 acre of non-rice crop. Each check dam is said to have command area of 1.5, which is 150 hectares or 375 acres.


Therefore check dams shall not irrigate even 0.3% of the command (one acre out 375)


On page 15 of the document 8/14 of file you will see that Gujarat is already using 35 lakh hectares irrigation potential which is more than Punjab but food production is dismal. Gujarat plans to increase potential to 65 lakh hectare through imports of Narmada waters.


Thus Agriculture Wise Gujarat Is World’s Most Unproductive State.


Narinder Modi frequently visit Israel, it can’t make barren land productive.


Ravinder Singh


One Response to “World’s Most Maddening Obsession Of Gujarat – Dams”

  1. ravi said

    Russian agent are very good comparision expert.Can Ravinder singh dare to compare the Nanga Nanch of west Bengal govt. in last 25 years.Ask the people of Gujrat what is their views about the Narendra Modi Govt.It was punjab which make country shame by producing thousands of militants it was never Gujrat.It was pratap Singh Kairo of Punjab most corrupt CM of India or you can say long ago Punjab has produced Madhu koda. The characterless culture in Delhi is Due to Punjabi whose girl and women are sellinh everything.

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