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Pitroda to redesign Pune slums?

Posted by egovindia on August 6, 2006

Pitroda to redesign Pune slums?

Mr. Sam Pitroda,

Chairman, National Knowledge Commission,

Centre for Policy Research,
Dharma Marg, Chanakyapuri
New Delhi – 110021
Phone:+91-11-41680831 – 39
Fax: +91-11-41680830

What Is The Progress On Slums Project.


I find that you have promised to make Pune slums role model for India, please let us know the progress made.

You were also responsible for Oil Missions and Pulses Missions and now we import large quantity of these commodities. You were in charge of Telecom, almost the entire systems are imported.

Now you have desired to have 70 IITs from present 8 or 9.

Do you know that India’s Industrial GDP is not even $200b, less than turnover scores of top foreign companies.

I also found that post 1984 when you were made in charge of C-Dot, the only patents you have tried to secure relates to “Cash Card” which has little or no use to India and you are shamelessly promoting it from Knowledge Commission and other platforms.

The only thing you have stated here right “Its high time, the nation got rid of old politicians and the conventional babudom. We need to vest the nation’s responsibility on young people,” – Sam Pitroda

Don’t you think you are old enough to retire and failed for two decades and leave the leadership to younger and genuine people.

Ravinder Singh


Pitroda to redesign Pune slums

PUNE: Telecom wizard Sam Pitroda is gearing up to cast his spell in Pune by designing the city’s slums and making amche Pune’s slums a role model in the entire country.

In the city on Easter Sunday to campaign for Congress candidate Suresh Kalmadi, Pitroda said, the Chicago based Institute of Design was already in the process of designing modern slums. “We will change the entire layout of the slums in Pune and make Pune slums a role model in the country. We will use new technology, latest material, water to redesign the slums,” Pitroda said.

Taking a cue from Pitroda was Pune’s seasoned politico, Suresh Kalmadi, promptly told media persons that post elections, his first major project will be the redesigning of “Pune’s slums.” Ask the duo when, where and how, and the answer you get is: “It will happen!”

Currently, campaigning all across the country for the Congress party, Pitroda said he is “repaying his debt” to Rajiv Gandhi by carrying forward Rajiv’s unfinished agenda. “He had grand visions for India.”

Indirectly spewing venom at BJP, Pitroda said that BJP is touting all developmental activities that happened during their tenure in the last five years. “But I am a witness to Rajiv Gandhi’s era, during which the seeds of the IT revolution and liberalisation were first sown. BJP is only reaping the fruits and taking undue credit,” Pitroda said.

Commenting on the great Indian political labyrinth, Pitroda opined that the future political leaders of the country should be a young. “Its high time, the nation got rid of old politicians and the conventional babudom. We need to vest the nation’s responsibility on young people,” Pitroda said, adding, “we have to look forward for a Young India!”

Highlighting the pressing needs of Congress party, the telecom guru said the party should embrace young blood and new ideas. “It is necessary for Congress to do a bit of soul-searching and allow the younger generation to hold the reins,” Pitroda opined.

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