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Does Narmada Water Belongs To MP Or Gujarat?

Posted by egovindia on August 6, 2006

Does Narmada Water Belongs To MP Or Gujarat?



It is very interesting development. The people on the payrolls of Gujarat government are so efficient that they could post reply to messages even before they are broadcast.


This funny incident happened at SKDF. My message no 6056 was broadcast at 5:51 PM but its reply no 6055 was posted above my message at 5:50.


Every one knows that Narmada belongs to MP. It was not just daydreaming but absolute foolishness to install world’s biggest canals and statewide networks in Gujarat when water as per water policy largely belongs to MP.


Even more foolishness is that when Gujarat already get lions share of Tapi, Sabarmati and Mahi rivers and have thus 10 times more water per sq. kilometer of land area than Israel but MP has no other major river except Narmada and Gujarat planned to take away all the water in Narmada in a fraudulent manner.


When I have said “Since 1961 when Pt. Nehru inaugurated the dam at Gora, very little water has flown in to Gujarat.” She should be surprised at her or his own ignorance.


Industry Entrepreneurship Memorandums in Gujarat since liberalization in 1991 is just Rs. 33,000 crores against proposals of Rs. 2,93,608 crores (Dec.05) and the wasteful investments on Narmada related project may exceed Rs. 1,00,000 crores in Gujarat alone, yet water is not assured. This Is An Illustration Of Madness In Gujarat.


She is also wrong, it is 60 million people of MP who shall decide when and where to use Narmada waters not Gujarat.


Just by saluting Narinder Modi every day, more famous as goonda head outside Gujarat that US refused VISA to him, people like Shachi think they are great-patriots and all others who write against Robbery Of Narmada waters and waste of public money as anti nationals.


None in Gujarat has replied to technical facts but there are scores of nonsense posted to my messages.


Ravinder Singh


SKDF 6055 Re: Medha + Uma = Disaster For Modi + Gujarat   Shachi Rairikar

To all those who are not aware, Medha Patkar is a big fraud and funded by anti-national forces. A few years ago the Christian missionaries and their allies who

Posted – Thu May 11, 2006  5:50 pm


SKDF 6056 Medha + Uma = Disaster For Modi + Gujarat  R Singh

Narmada Waters To Ken / Betwa Rivers, Medha + Uma = Disaster For Modi + Gujarat Chudasma & Rana, Affidavit of State governments each claiming to have completed

Posted – Thu May 11, 2006  5:51 pm


“Shachi Rairikar” <> ——-


To all those who are not aware,


   Medha Patkar is a big fraud and funded by anti-national forces. A few years

ago the Christian missionaries and their allies who are actively engaged in

converting the tribals to Christianity sponsored the demand for a separate

Bheelistan, another separatist movement like the ones going on in the north -east. NBA activists were a part of the gathering making the demand.


   Medha Patkar is very popular with the communists in JNU but is highly

unpopular in Madhya Pradesh, the state where she is working. She does not even enjoy the support of the tribals for whom she is supposed to be fighting so

hard. While it is very important that the tribals should get fair compensation

and should be rehabilitated, Medha Patkar and her band are definitely not a

genuine lot.


   As for Narendra Modi, the people of Gujrat know his worth.


   I am surprised at the statement “there is very little use of Narmada waters in

Gujarat”. The experiences and opinions of the people of Gujrat who have actually

been benefited confirm just the opposite. The people of Gujrat, both Hindus and

Muslims, are with Modi on this issue.


   Let the people of Gujrat and Madhya Pradesh (this includes the tribals who form a substantial part of the population in both these states) decide who and

what they want. It is easy for people in Delhi to give judgement on Modi or

Medha without knowing the ground realities.


   India is a free country and every person is free to form an opinion and support any movement. Supporting anti-nationalists because of lack of information is possible because the biased media rarely projects the correct picture. Rajat Sharma definitely deserves to be congratulated for having been able to give us a channel, which seems to be less biased and more interested in facts.


   Please unsubscribe me from this mailing list. I do not wish to be associated

with anti-nationalists or their supporters in any way.




   Shachi Rairikar


R Singh <corruptionfree04@…> wrote:

     Narmada Waters To Ken / Betwa Rivers, Medha + Uma = Disaster For Modi +



   Chudasma & Rana,


   Affidavit of State governments each claiming to have completed the

rehabilitation work when Rajat made great efforts to prove Medha obstructed the

RR program confirms his lies and mischief. An old lady who could not save her

house and office from the hired goondas, was projected as dreaded tigress which

terrorized Gujaratis for 20 years.


   I wonder at the poor intelligence level of paid agents of Gujarat government who could offer following nonsense only on getting the right package. Because

have they nothing to write about Narmada except nonsense.


   People of Gujarat had been fooled since 1961 when Pt. Nehru inaugurated Dam on Narmada, over 45 years down the line there is very little water flowing in to Gujarat. Modi government had to hire goondas elements to mail non-sense. The money invested so far on Narmada projects is much more than FDI in Gujarat. Yet there is very little use of Narmada waters in Gujarat.


   Medha Patkar alone has been able to pluck the nose Modi’s and his goonda

company for 20 years.


   Mr. Chudasama and Mr. Rana even Ram’s banvas lasted 12 years, Medha has been able to keep the Gujarati “Coward Force” at length for 20 years already and

rendered Gujaratis impotent for 20 years.


   Let me tell you the day Uma Bharti, BJPs rebel tigress from MP is introduced

to Narmada Water Diversion To Ken, Betwa, Chambal, Sone and Tapi Rivers, Gujarat will get little or no water from Narmada. Gujarat will not be able to repair

these giant structures.


   Uma will cut the nose of Gujaratis and shave the heads of big leaders, so the

real fight for Narmada is yet to begin.


   The day Medha and Uma join hands, Gujaratis will have their virtual tails

between their legs.


   I write freely with independent mind. You are in the habit of raising your tail before any who throws bits of “roti”.


   Let Rajat Sharma reply to my message and charge sheet.


   My honest advise to people of Gujarat is that they can’t enjoy “Chori Ka Pani”

for long. Adopt the principle “Apna Haath Jaganath”.


   Don’t sell your self so cheaply.


   Ravinder Singh


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