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CPM guns for Reliance

Posted by egovindia on August 5, 2006

CPM guns for Reliance


Posted online: Saturday, August 05, 2006 at 1613 hours IST

AHMEDABAD, AUGUST 5: Claiming that Reliance was one of the biggest
beneficiaries in the Iraqi oil for food programme, CPI(M) demanded
that government institute a probe into the issue.

“It (Reliance) has got the maximum number of oil vouchers. It has paid
the maximum surcharge. But no investigation has been carried out
against it. I fail to understand why,” CPI(M) general secretary
Prakash Karat told reporters here.

He said that Reliance was one of the four parties named by the
UN-sponsored Volcker committee, which went into Iraq’s oil for food
scam during Saddam Hussain’s regime, and the firm was the biggest

“We will demand in Parliament that investigations should be carried
out against Reliance,” the CPI(M) General secretary said.

As per the terms of reference of Justice R S Pathak committee, the
probe was limited to the role of Natwar Singh and Congress, Karat said
hinting that other beneficiaries including Reliance were outside the
purview of the investigation.

“I do not understand why no investigation is being carried out against
the oil company”, Karat said. “Even the Congress and the BJP are both
silent on the issue”.

It is established that another named beneficiary Bhim Singh of
Panthers Party, who got the oil vouchers, did not use them, he said.

Expressing displeasure on the manner in which the Pathak committee

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