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God’s Computer Is Better, Slate & Chalk before Computers ©

Posted by egovindia on August 4, 2006

God’s Computer Is Better, Slate & Chalk before Computers ©


Dear Friends,


People generally forget that god has given them a “Super Computer” as Birthday Gift”. There is no computer better than this on earth.


First and foremost India must provide its children with learning tools, motivate them to learn and then discover and invent but sadly the moment a child learn to speak, he is forcibly taught languages particularly English, nursery Rhymes and put before television to view cartoons. As he grows up he is forcibly taught through regular tuitions these days.


Everything is unnatural and harming to child’s learning and physical developments. Toys preferably learning type like Lego and physical sports like playing with moving ball etc are necessary to develop mind body coordination.


Slate and Chalk is a better learning tool than computers for young children.




One day my aunt, Inspector of Schools in Punjab, visited us during summer vacations when I was 6 years old and I had learnt counting up to hundred.


Ø                  She taught me how to self create tables, something average student take years to learn, in seven days I mastered the tables. She spent only 5 minutes for this and some more time in checking the tables and sums I gave myself and written their answers.


>>> She knew I have already mastered counting and writing up to 100. She explained to me that for tables of two, write every second number in order and get the table of 2, every third number gets table of three, —. Additions and subtractions and multiplication and division also followed easily. 


Ø                  So from early childhood, I had extreme confidence and could solve most questions in memory in a second.


Even our President and Prime Minister don’t have that kind of sense. They can’t make out that transferring 2% of India’s river Waters in Ganga to Cauvery to cost Rs.5,65,000 crores or more will not make any contribution to food production. They don’t think of operations and maintenance cost of such a huge project and also not account for losses of water on way.


Ø                  Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and Dr. Manmohan Singh (Quack) don’t even have basic mathematical understanding of the cost and benefit of the project which they promote.


Ø                  Most shameful fact is that millions of farmers, mostly illiterate better understand above situation, have land holdings in more than one village that may be say just 1 kilometer apart. They never think of connecting canal to a source of water at place to deliver water to another holding. They have clear understating that very little water will reach the other holding, it will cost a lot and taking away water from source will impact productivity of holding that has water source.




Ø                  Saving cost replacing notebooks is obvious but “Real Advantages” are; 1.  Children can’t go back to the sums already done, 2. Children have to save all the data, methods and sums in their “Brains,” a computer gifted by god at child birth.


Ø                  Slate and Chalk focus children’s concentration on one sum than so may in the notebook and gets comfort from the fact if say 3 out of 10 are wrong he is fine.


Ø                  Children develop methods to store and retrieve information and develop “Knowledge Base” in their God’s computer.


Ø                  People who have not developed the above skills in childhood will lack in confidence and abilities for rest of their life. Any training in Oxford or Harvard can’t compensate it.


Ø                  I have my own developed knowledge base and any time I find something it is seconds I develop picture of situation. President Kalam and Quack PM can’t have correct picture even if you provide everything to them. They sign documents created by others without fully understanding them.


Computers can be every useful in teaching science. Walking Lion and moving centipede in natural setting is better than still photos in books.


Ravinder Singh


Re: One Lap Top Per Child!!! – Children Play With Real Mouse


Posted by: “Sanjay Jadhav”   sanjayjadhav1999


Wed Jul 26, 2006 6:32 am (PST)


I have doubt about effectiveness of computer as tool for learning.
From my understanding about knowledge management and psychology,
this is particularly true for children below 16 years. The computers are
more useful for motivating the parents to shell out larger fees than
value addition in learning.

Learning involves assimilating more information in memory, choosing
right information for given problem, problem solving, language
skills, mathematical and logical skills, correlation/extrapolation/
Intrapolation. Computer allows search right information, but
assimilation is not searching. Therefore on all parameters computer
fails as learning tool.

Nearly 20% of towns and 57% of the villagers are not electrified.
How would we run the computers in these mofussil places.

Sanjay Jadhav


“Suyam” <>   —


Dear Ravinder Singh,

Best wishes from Suyam Charitable Trust, Chennai. We honour your thoughts which concluded with deepest concern shown for children.

We run a free school (SIRAGU MONTESSORI SCHOOL for begging children and street children since June 2003.  Started of with 34 children and now reaching out to 300 children this year.  All get free education.

the beneficiaries are
begging children
street children
children from brick chambers
children of Cooly people
children of scavenger group
children from other socially & economically deprived sector of the society

IT based education is implemented in our school.  We use educational CDs for teaching Maths, Science mainly and also other subjects.

If we get one computer for one class room, we can make wonders.  When knowledgeable child given a PC on a group, child is proving his/her skills.  Without any training to our boy Jayavel (11 yr old), drawn PENGUIN picture through paint brush in the computer 3 years before.

All need to have open mind to think about the various modes of educating children with the available resources.  We have more dreams and working towards the same.

Hope my sharing may be fruitful to you.


R.N.Muthuram – 098403 65819
Founder Trustee (
Suyam Charitable Trust, Chennai


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