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Why let off Reliance?

Posted by egovindia on August 6, 2006

Why let off Reliance?

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CPI (M) says the business house was the biggest beneficiary in oil-for-food scam


Ahmedabad: Claiming that Reliance was one of the biggest beneficiaries in the Iraqi oil-for-food programme, the CPI(M) on Saturday demanded that government institute a probe into the issue.

“It (Reliance) has got the maximum number of oil vouchers. It has paid the maximum surcharge. But no investigation has been carried out against it. I fail to understand why,” CPI(M) General Secretary Prakash Karat told reporters here.

He said that Reliance was one of the four parties named by the UN-sponsored Volcker Committee, which went into Iraq’s oil-for-food scam during Saddam Hussain’s regime, and the firm was the biggest beneficiary.

“We will demand in Parliament that investigations should be carried out against Reliance,” the CPI(M) general secretary said.

As per the terms of reference of Justice R S Pathak committee, the probe was limited to the role of Natwar Singh and the Congress, Karat said hinting that other beneficiaries including Reliance were outside the purview of the investigation.

“I do not understand why no investigation is being carried out against the oil company,” Karat said. “Even the Congress and the BJP are both silent on the issue.”


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RIL denies any wrong doing in oil-for-food deals

Posted by egovindia on August 6, 2006

RIL denies any wrong doing in oil-for-food deals

RIL denies any wrong doing in oil-for-food deals
Posted online: Sunday, August 06, 2006 at 0000 hours IST

NEW DELHI, AUGUST 5:  Corporate giant Reliance Industries on Saturday
denied any wrong-doing in the United Nations’ oil-for-food programme
in Iraq, in which Justice R S Pathak Committee has indicted former
external affairs minister Natwar Singh and his son Jagat Singh.

Reacting to a demand for a thorough investigation into its role by
CPI-M general secretary Prakash Karat, RIL said in a statement that it
“has always followed national and international laws and norms in all
its dealings.”

RIL, along with over 100 Indian corporates, figured in the Volcker
Commission report last year as contractual and non-contractual

“The government of India and its various departments have always been
kept informed at every stage of our trade and other transactions with
foreign countries as required under the rules and regulations,” Mukesh
Ambani-controlled RIL said.

Earlier in the day, Karat pointed out that RIL had been named as one
of the beneficiaries, saying “it (Reliance) has got the maximum number
of oil vouchers. It has paid the maximum surcharge. But no
investigation has been carried out against it. I fail to understand

Meanwhile, sources indicated that Enforcement Directorate is looking
into every corporate and Indian company that was named in the Volcker
report. It has taken statements from the functionaries of a number of
these entities. Besides RIL, some of the Tata Group companies and
Bajaj Int’l, were among those listed in the report.


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World’s Most Maddening Obsession Of Gujarat – Dams

Posted by egovindia on August 6, 2006

World’s Most Maddening Obsession Of Gujarat – Dams



It will shock readers all over the world that while Gujarat is obsessively after big dams and canals, it’s food production is not at par with 1980 level even though its population has more than doubled since. For members who don’t get the attachment with highlights following links shall get you there.


On page 15 of the document and 5 of the file the area brought under SSP project is 0.25 lakh hectare (1.4%) but project area for SSP is 17.82 lakh hectares.???


Food production as per Socio Economic Review has declined from even 1980 level. Thousands of crores are being spent every year all going in to drain.


Gujarat is reported to have 94.4 lakh hectares of net sown area exactly twice of Punjab but food-grains production is 3.6 MT compared to over 25 MT for Punjab. ???


Page 3/14 chart of the food production in Gujarat. 

Crop Wise Food Production In 1980 / 2003-04 Are:-


Total Cereal—4438 / 3234 thousand tons. ???

Foodgrains—-4958 / 3621 thousand tons.  ???

Oilseeds——-2005 / 1685 thousand tons.  ???

Cotton———-1738 / 1685 bales of 170 kgs.  ???


Milk production in Gujarat is 6 MT compared 9 MT in Punjab but good percentage of milk in Gujarat is exported or processed.


Another madness is about rainwater harvesting and check dams.


In the above document page 14/24 you will discover that each direct recharge well structure stores 300 cubic meter of water is correct but is stated to irrigate 8 acres of land when actually water is not even sufficient for washing and bathing needs of family in Delhi.


Similarly Check Dams are expected to store 5000 cubic meter of water but is sufficient to irrigate only 1 acre of non-rice crop. Each check dam is said to have command area of 1.5, which is 150 hectares or 375 acres.


Therefore check dams shall not irrigate even 0.3% of the command (one acre out 375)


On page 15 of the document 8/14 of file you will see that Gujarat is already using 35 lakh hectares irrigation potential which is more than Punjab but food production is dismal. Gujarat plans to increase potential to 65 lakh hectare through imports of Narmada waters.


Thus Agriculture Wise Gujarat Is World’s Most Unproductive State.


Narinder Modi frequently visit Israel, it can’t make barren land productive.


Ravinder Singh

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Pitroda to redesign Pune slums?

Posted by egovindia on August 6, 2006

Pitroda to redesign Pune slums?

Mr. Sam Pitroda,

Chairman, National Knowledge Commission,

Centre for Policy Research,
Dharma Marg, Chanakyapuri
New Delhi – 110021
Phone:+91-11-41680831 – 39
Fax: +91-11-41680830

What Is The Progress On Slums Project.


I find that you have promised to make Pune slums role model for India, please let us know the progress made.

You were also responsible for Oil Missions and Pulses Missions and now we import large quantity of these commodities. You were in charge of Telecom, almost the entire systems are imported.

Now you have desired to have 70 IITs from present 8 or 9.

Do you know that India’s Industrial GDP is not even $200b, less than turnover scores of top foreign companies.

I also found that post 1984 when you were made in charge of C-Dot, the only patents you have tried to secure relates to “Cash Card” which has little or no use to India and you are shamelessly promoting it from Knowledge Commission and other platforms.

The only thing you have stated here right “Its high time, the nation got rid of old politicians and the conventional babudom. We need to vest the nation’s responsibility on young people,” – Sam Pitroda

Don’t you think you are old enough to retire and failed for two decades and leave the leadership to younger and genuine people.

Ravinder Singh


Pitroda to redesign Pune slums

PUNE: Telecom wizard Sam Pitroda is gearing up to cast his spell in Pune by designing the city’s slums and making amche Pune’s slums a role model in the entire country.

In the city on Easter Sunday to campaign for Congress candidate Suresh Kalmadi, Pitroda said, the Chicago based Institute of Design was already in the process of designing modern slums. “We will change the entire layout of the slums in Pune and make Pune slums a role model in the country. We will use new technology, latest material, water to redesign the slums,” Pitroda said.

Taking a cue from Pitroda was Pune’s seasoned politico, Suresh Kalmadi, promptly told media persons that post elections, his first major project will be the redesigning of “Pune’s slums.” Ask the duo when, where and how, and the answer you get is: “It will happen!”

Currently, campaigning all across the country for the Congress party, Pitroda said he is “repaying his debt” to Rajiv Gandhi by carrying forward Rajiv’s unfinished agenda. “He had grand visions for India.”

Indirectly spewing venom at BJP, Pitroda said that BJP is touting all developmental activities that happened during their tenure in the last five years. “But I am a witness to Rajiv Gandhi’s era, during which the seeds of the IT revolution and liberalisation were first sown. BJP is only reaping the fruits and taking undue credit,” Pitroda said.

Commenting on the great Indian political labyrinth, Pitroda opined that the future political leaders of the country should be a young. “Its high time, the nation got rid of old politicians and the conventional babudom. We need to vest the nation’s responsibility on young people,” Pitroda said, adding, “we have to look forward for a Young India!”

Highlighting the pressing needs of Congress party, the telecom guru said the party should embrace young blood and new ideas. “It is necessary for Congress to do a bit of soul-searching and allow the younger generation to hold the reins,” Pitroda opined.

Links To National Knowledge Commission,,,,,,,,,,,

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Pramod Made Rs. 2000 Crores – Pravin Mahajan

Posted by egovindia on August 6, 2006

Pramod Made Rs. 2000 Crores – Pravin Mahajan




Under “Promod Revisited – In Shades Of Grey” TOI of May13th 2006, it was disclosed by Pravin that Pramod Mahajan made Rs. 2000 Crores.


This is huge some of money. Considering Pramod collected 10% of kickbacks, he alone contributed Rs. 20,000 Crores to BJP funds.


BJP in its 6-7 year of rule may have made Rs. 1,00,000 crores.


Assuming BJP spent Rs. 2000 crores in all elections in the same period, we can say Politics Is The Most Profitable Business.



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Catchments Of Major Indian Rivers.

Posted by egovindia on August 6, 2006

Catchments Of Major Indian Rivers.


Dear ads,

I have provided the link to all river basins of India.


In addition I have made a chart (as attachment) of the states getting Rain Water as precipitation in billion cubic meters (BCM) and their food production.


Though the food production in Gujarat was 3.68 MT but it was taking away most of the waters of Tapi, Mahi, Sabarmati and Narmada Rivers though MP and Maharashtra produce 10 MT and 12.5 MT of food and have greater need of canal waters than Gujarat. 


Ravinder Singh


From: "Adsm"

    Date: Thu May 11, 2006 9:22pm(PDT)

Subject: Re: Does Narmada Water Belongs To MP Or Gujarat?


Can you please let us know that what are the catchment areas of the

southern Rivers in  and what is their average discharge of water?



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Missions To Commissions- Sam Pitroda.

Posted by egovindia on August 6, 2006

Missions To Commissions- Sam Pitroda.

Mr. Sam Pitroda,

Chairman, Knowledge Commission,

New Delhi-110016

Dear Mr. Pitroda,

I, as a professional inventor knew for long that you are misleading GOI and people of India.

All of your technology missions failed in 20 years and in your new tenure as Chairman of NKC you have admitted nothing much shall come out in next 20 years.

I take your comments seriously “NKC is planting seeds for next generation to enjoy its fruits” but next generation will enjoy fruits only when you are going to plant good seeds.

But like in the past you are planting “Spurious Seeds” that do not germinate. Search of PCT patents revealed that post Telecom Commission tenure you have applied for “Cash Card” which has little relevance to people of India.

In spite of investing thousands of crores on your pet “Telecom Commission” no significant technology was developed so much so that most of the telecom equipment these days are imported.

You have simply leveraged your position to advance you businesses.

President Kennedy promised to land man on moon and bring him back in 6-7 years, the mission was completed before schedule.

Your 20 years old missions had failed entirely and you know you can’t succeed. So this time you are not making promises hence “Knowledge Commission” promises nothing.

You are just giving sleeping pills to Indians to sleep for another 20 years for the seeds to bear fruits.

India continues to patronize failed Mission Leaders for generations. And reward them with Commissions.


Ravinder Singh

Inventor & Consultant

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Since 1961, 10 largest Dams, Big Canals But 10% Utilization Of Narmada Waters.

Posted by egovindia on August 6, 2006

Since 1961, 10 largest Dams, Big Canals But 10% Utilization Of Narmada Waters.


Is It Not A Fraud On People Of India?



One of young subscribers to our groups Did Not Believe That There Is Very Little Utilization Of Narmada Waters Even After 45 Years Since Pt. Nehru Laid The Foundation Of Dam At Bharuch.


10 largest dams are already built many more are coming up. Largest canal in world already in place but Utilization Is just 10%. Obviously more than 10% water of Narmada is lost in evaporation in Dams alone. (20 more dams are coming up)


The first para can be directly accessed by going to “The Narmada River & Basin” in Sardar Sarovar Dam website.


For second you may go to Tribunal Award and than “Terms Of Reference”.


Ravinder Singh


The Narmada River & Basin


The total basin area of the river is 97,410 square kilometer comprising 85,858 square kilometer in Madhya Pradesh, 1658 square kilometer in Maharashtra and 9894 square kilometer in Gujarat. The drainage area up to dam site is 88,000 square kilometer. The mean annual rainfall in the basin is 112 centimeters. The annual run of the dam site at 75 percentage of dependability is 27.22 MAF. The World Bank computed the yield of 28.57 MAF while the yield computed in May 1992 by the Central Water Commission, Government of India is of 26.60 MAF, i.e. about 27.00 MAF. The utilisation of Narmada River basin today is hardly about 10%. Thus water of the Narmada continue to flow to the sea unused.




The plan for harnessing the river for irrigation and power generation in the Narmada basin was initiated in 1946. Seven projects including the Bharuch project were identified during the initial Survey and 4 projects Bharuch (Gujarat), Bargi, Tawa and Punasa in Madhya Pradesh were given top priority for investigation. After the completion of investigation, the proposed dam at Gora in Gujarat with the full reservoir level (FRL) 161 ft. (49.80m) was selected and the foundation stone was laid by the late Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru on 5th April, 1961. However, as more detailed, modernised contour sheets from the Survey of India were available thereafter, possibility of raising the height of the dam for optimum utilisation of water was considered.

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Mother Teresa – Nobel Piece Prize Winner

Posted by egovindia on August 6, 2006

Mother Teresa – Nobel Piece Prize Winner



I was shocked to read a message about hidden treasures of the Mother Teresa and all kinds of irresponsible comments.


While there were millions of message explaining her life long contributions to the poor and suffering people, a couple of rabid sites were also there. I can’t imagine people could be so mean.


Some dubious comment was that he didn’t find many food packets distributed by her charity and donations in millions of dollars was locked up somewhere.


But in the above link you will find Missionaries Of Charity is a global network.


Dubious people didn’t know that she was managing hundreds of Orphanages, hospitals, schools, and leprosy homes and caring for terminally and dieing and Churches.


A packet of dal roti cost not even Rs. 5/- once a week but to care for infant children, sick and dieing cost in hundreds every day.


Brother of my cousin was working in Switzerland. His employer had no children. He asked him to find out the procedure to adopt a child. My cousin came and wanted to go to orphanages in Delhi. We picked up the yellow pages and we found out of 6, two were Missionaries Of Charity managed orphanages. But they all follow strict adoption procedures.


Manager of a non Christian orphanage was caught in the act of buying poor children for sale, by passing the rules.


I developed chest problem in Punjab and went to a hospital it was owned by Missionaries Of Charity and there were few schools also run by it.


Mother Teresa created a network of service to poor and suffering not just India but many parts of the world.


No one has asked for accounts of donations collected at temples. Jagmohan took the administration of a shrine in Jammu on finding crores going unaccounted.


There was no orphanage or leprosy home or hospital run with the donations to the temple.



Before Mother Teresa died she handed over the charge to Nirmala, a Hindu, for she found the Nirmala be the most selfless and devoted nurse in her entire organization.


Mother Teresa was sent by god to serve poor and dieing in India.


Ravinder Singh

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Does Narmada Water Belongs To MP Or Gujarat?

Posted by egovindia on August 6, 2006

Does Narmada Water Belongs To MP Or Gujarat?



It is very interesting development. The people on the payrolls of Gujarat government are so efficient that they could post reply to messages even before they are broadcast.


This funny incident happened at SKDF. My message no 6056 was broadcast at 5:51 PM but its reply no 6055 was posted above my message at 5:50.


Every one knows that Narmada belongs to MP. It was not just daydreaming but absolute foolishness to install world’s biggest canals and statewide networks in Gujarat when water as per water policy largely belongs to MP.


Even more foolishness is that when Gujarat already get lions share of Tapi, Sabarmati and Mahi rivers and have thus 10 times more water per sq. kilometer of land area than Israel but MP has no other major river except Narmada and Gujarat planned to take away all the water in Narmada in a fraudulent manner.


When I have said “Since 1961 when Pt. Nehru inaugurated the dam at Gora, very little water has flown in to Gujarat.” She should be surprised at her or his own ignorance.


Industry Entrepreneurship Memorandums in Gujarat since liberalization in 1991 is just Rs. 33,000 crores against proposals of Rs. 2,93,608 crores (Dec.05) and the wasteful investments on Narmada related project may exceed Rs. 1,00,000 crores in Gujarat alone, yet water is not assured. This Is An Illustration Of Madness In Gujarat.


She is also wrong, it is 60 million people of MP who shall decide when and where to use Narmada waters not Gujarat.


Just by saluting Narinder Modi every day, more famous as goonda head outside Gujarat that US refused VISA to him, people like Shachi think they are great-patriots and all others who write against Robbery Of Narmada waters and waste of public money as anti nationals.


None in Gujarat has replied to technical facts but there are scores of nonsense posted to my messages.


Ravinder Singh


SKDF 6055 Re: Medha + Uma = Disaster For Modi + Gujarat   Shachi Rairikar

To all those who are not aware, Medha Patkar is a big fraud and funded by anti-national forces. A few years ago the Christian missionaries and their allies who

Posted – Thu May 11, 2006  5:50 pm


SKDF 6056 Medha + Uma = Disaster For Modi + Gujarat  R Singh

Narmada Waters To Ken / Betwa Rivers, Medha + Uma = Disaster For Modi + Gujarat Chudasma & Rana, Affidavit of State governments each claiming to have completed

Posted – Thu May 11, 2006  5:51 pm


“Shachi Rairikar” <> ——-


To all those who are not aware,


   Medha Patkar is a big fraud and funded by anti-national forces. A few years

ago the Christian missionaries and their allies who are actively engaged in

converting the tribals to Christianity sponsored the demand for a separate

Bheelistan, another separatist movement like the ones going on in the north -east. NBA activists were a part of the gathering making the demand.


   Medha Patkar is very popular with the communists in JNU but is highly

unpopular in Madhya Pradesh, the state where she is working. She does not even enjoy the support of the tribals for whom she is supposed to be fighting so

hard. While it is very important that the tribals should get fair compensation

and should be rehabilitated, Medha Patkar and her band are definitely not a

genuine lot.


   As for Narendra Modi, the people of Gujrat know his worth.


   I am surprised at the statement “there is very little use of Narmada waters in

Gujarat”. The experiences and opinions of the people of Gujrat who have actually

been benefited confirm just the opposite. The people of Gujrat, both Hindus and

Muslims, are with Modi on this issue.


   Let the people of Gujrat and Madhya Pradesh (this includes the tribals who form a substantial part of the population in both these states) decide who and

what they want. It is easy for people in Delhi to give judgement on Modi or

Medha without knowing the ground realities.


   India is a free country and every person is free to form an opinion and support any movement. Supporting anti-nationalists because of lack of information is possible because the biased media rarely projects the correct picture. Rajat Sharma definitely deserves to be congratulated for having been able to give us a channel, which seems to be less biased and more interested in facts.


   Please unsubscribe me from this mailing list. I do not wish to be associated

with anti-nationalists or their supporters in any way.




   Shachi Rairikar


R Singh <corruptionfree04@…> wrote:

     Narmada Waters To Ken / Betwa Rivers, Medha + Uma = Disaster For Modi +



   Chudasma & Rana,


   Affidavit of State governments each claiming to have completed the

rehabilitation work when Rajat made great efforts to prove Medha obstructed the

RR program confirms his lies and mischief. An old lady who could not save her

house and office from the hired goondas, was projected as dreaded tigress which

terrorized Gujaratis for 20 years.


   I wonder at the poor intelligence level of paid agents of Gujarat government who could offer following nonsense only on getting the right package. Because

have they nothing to write about Narmada except nonsense.


   People of Gujarat had been fooled since 1961 when Pt. Nehru inaugurated Dam on Narmada, over 45 years down the line there is very little water flowing in to Gujarat. Modi government had to hire goondas elements to mail non-sense. The money invested so far on Narmada projects is much more than FDI in Gujarat. Yet there is very little use of Narmada waters in Gujarat.


   Medha Patkar alone has been able to pluck the nose Modi’s and his goonda

company for 20 years.


   Mr. Chudasama and Mr. Rana even Ram’s banvas lasted 12 years, Medha has been able to keep the Gujarati “Coward Force” at length for 20 years already and

rendered Gujaratis impotent for 20 years.


   Let me tell you the day Uma Bharti, BJPs rebel tigress from MP is introduced

to Narmada Water Diversion To Ken, Betwa, Chambal, Sone and Tapi Rivers, Gujarat will get little or no water from Narmada. Gujarat will not be able to repair

these giant structures.


   Uma will cut the nose of Gujaratis and shave the heads of big leaders, so the

real fight for Narmada is yet to begin.


   The day Medha and Uma join hands, Gujaratis will have their virtual tails

between their legs.


   I write freely with independent mind. You are in the habit of raising your tail before any who throws bits of “roti”.


   Let Rajat Sharma reply to my message and charge sheet.


   My honest advise to people of Gujarat is that they can’t enjoy “Chori Ka Pani”

for long. Adopt the principle “Apna Haath Jaganath”.


   Don’t sell your self so cheaply.


   Ravinder Singh

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